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  • Identify targeted areas where you could potentially reduce your labor costs while minimizing long-term damage
  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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Nelson Staffing Offers Clients Visibility COMPANY OVERVIEW: Ranking among the largest independent staffing companies in the United States, Nelson provides staffing and recruiting services in accounting & finance, clerical, administration, human resources, technology, light industrial, manufacturing, legal, engineering, computer gaming, digital media and the wine and beverage industries.

Challenge: One Size Does Not Fit All

Nelson Staffing Offers Clients Visibility As Nelson grew, they acquired many different types of clients—from wineries to warehouses to the San Francisco 49ers. With a wide range of work environments spread across hundreds of miles, the company found it challenging to keep track of their employees’ time.

Though Nelson implemented time clocks at their worksites to automate the time-collection process, the time clock vendor
struggled to accommodate the varied and dispersed work environments.

They required Nelson to be onsite to oversee every clock. But with so many clients, it wasn’t feasible for Nelson to manage time clocks at every location.

Rachel MacNeill, Vice President of Business Solutions at Nelson, explains, “We couldn’t always be onsite to manage the time clocks, nor did we feel that we could ask our clients to assume that responsibility.”

According to MacNeill, there was also an additional challenge. “Each client wanted something different in the time-tracking process. Some clients wanted to be involved, reviewing each and every employee punch. Others wanted nothing to do with the process and only wanted to approve the final time sheets.”

Furthermore, with the constant ebb and flow of the staffing industry, flat rate pricing wasn’t working either. “We needed a system that was as flexible as our industry,” explains MacNeill.

After a frustrating few months of trying to implement their time and attendance solution, Nelson decided to go in another direction.

Manage All Aspects of HR CTA

Solution: EPAY's Flexible Time and Attendance System

Nelson turned to EPAY Systems to manage their employees’ time and attendance. MacNeill explains, “The flexibility of the system’s configuration and pricing and the low-maintenance time clocks make it easy for us to accommodate each one of our clients, with little work on our end.”

With EPAY’s WalTer™ T6 biometric time clocks, Nelson’s clients have peace of mind knowing the right employee is clocking in at the right time. Fingerprint recognition technology and a built-in camera identify and validate an employee’s true identity to prevent time theft.

EPAY’s cloud-based software requires no ongoing maintenance. Automatic upgrades to Blueforce and the T6 time clocks mean Nelson doesn’t have to be physically on site. “EPAY’s time and attendance system is easy to implement and maintain,” says MacNeil.

Results: Increased Visibility Thanks to a Time and Attendance System that Fits the Needs of the Staffing Industry

Since implementing Blueforce and the T6 time clocks, Nelson has reduced labor costs and improved client satisfaction.

“I have to say, I love EPAY,” says MacNeill. “As a staffing company, we can’t have a standard time and attendance package for each of our clients. Everyone is different. EPAY’s flexible system allows us to accommodate our clients’ requirements while offering them more visibility into employee time and attendance. This flexibility is why we would recommend them to our peers.”

EPAY's cloud based time and attendance system has been helping the staffing and PEO industries manage their workforce, reduce labor costs and keep their customers happy. Contact us to learn more.