Webinar | Key Legislative Updates for the Hourly Workforce | Tuesday, September 24th | 12 PM CST

Has predictive scheduling legislation reached your workforce? How about salary history bans? If they haven’t already, they likely will soon. 

Join Jennifer Long on September 24, 2019 at 12 PM CST to find out how far these legislative trends have spread and tips for updating your policies and practices. Topics will include:

  •  Predictive scheduling laws
  • Overview of salary history ban
  • Various penalties for noncompliance
  • Tips for updating your policies and practices

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Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric Fingerprint and Facial Recognition-Equipped Time Clocks Make Time Fraud Obsolete

With EPAY'S biometric time clock systems, down-to-the-minute time tracking is just the beginning. Using our biometric fingerprint time clocks—also equipped with facial recognition biometrics—your business can benefit from more efficient time tracking while reducing time fraud. Consult with the experts at EPAY Systems to determine how a biometric time clock system can benefit your company.

Get the Best Biometric Time Clock for Your Employees

Our WalTerTM biometric time clocks make time fraud obsolete while doubling as employee self-service kiosks and manager messaging systems. Working in tandem with our cloud-based time and attendance system, WalTer biometric fingerprint and facial recognition time clock systems give you real time visibility into your workforce.


Plug & Play Biometric Time Clocks Configured to Meet Your Needs

EPAY’s biometric employee time clocks are a breeze to install and maintain—just mount on the wall and plug in. No IT required! And thanks to wireless capabilities, (WiFi, LAN, Cellular or Dial-Up) our biometric time clocks work almost anywhere—even harsh, industrial environments.


Cutting Edge Facial Recognition Technology

Our time clocks include cutting-edge facial recognition biometrics. With some of the most advanced biometrics on the market, your company can eliminate buddy punching by ensuring the right employee is physically present when they clock in and out for work. This increased accuracy can save your business a significant amount of labor dollars, with some companies reporting a savings of anywhere from 1.5-10% of their gross payroll.


How Facial Recognition Technology Works with Biometric Time Clock Systems

Like all biometrics solutions, face recognition technology measures and matches a person’s unique facial characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication. Utilizing an HD camera, our facial recognition biometric employee time clocks can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in the database.


Concerns About Privacy Issues with Biometric Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Time Clocks

As the incidence of data breaches and other threats to privacy have increased, so has the concern regarding privacy around biometric time clock systems. However, there is no true cause for concern because the data stored for facial recognition and fingerprints in biometric employee time clocks is unusable for third parties, including government agencies. This is because of the fact that data is stored as mathematical algorithms that can’t be used to develop a visual image of any kind—they’re simply used to identify employees within the designated workplace using the biometric time clocks.


Why use EPAY's biometric time clock systems?

Reduce Labor Costs

WalTer biometric time clock systems lower payroll dollars by eliminating data entry errors, buddy punching and time rounding. Our clocks include proven biometric authentication technologies—both fingerprint recognition and facial recognition—to verify an employee’s identity and prevent buddy punching. A badge/card scanner is also included if biometrics aren’t right for your company.

Improve Workforce Productivity

WalTer biometric time clocks make it easy to manage and communicate with employees from afar. Employee self-service capabilities provide on-demand access to time sheets, pay stubs, pay history, schedules and PTO requests. Your employees can even sign off on their timesheets right from the clock. Managers can save time by delivering group or individual messages to employees when they clock in and out using our biometric time clock system.

Guard Against False Claims

An optional safeguard built into the WalTer clock-out procedure provides protection against fraudulent Workers’ Comp claims. At the end of a shift, employees answer a “safe workday” question, which serves to either validate or undermine the credibility of questionable claims.

Cut Pay Stub Printing and Distribution Costs

Our WalTer fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks are the only biometric time clocks with patented thermal printing technology. (No ink cartridges to replace, ever!) Employees can print paystubs and more on demand, saving you a bundle in printing and distribution costs.

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems with Fingerprint Recognition and Facial Recognition

Choose from Two Different Biometric Time Clock System Models

Walter T11

Our most affordable and compact biometric employee time clock with all the essential features, including fingerprint recognition technology.

WalTer S18

You won’t believe how powerful—or how rugged—the ultra-compact WalTerTM S18 really is.

Demand More from Your Human Capital Management Provider

Using our biometric fingerprint time clocks— as a part of your human capital management systems—your business can benefit from more efficient time tracking while reducing time fraud. Consult with the experts at EPAY Systems to determine how a biometric time clock system can benefit your company.

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