Webinar | Key Legislative Updates for the Hourly Workforce | Tuesday, September 24th | 12 PM CST

Has predictive scheduling legislation reached your workforce? How about salary history bans? If they haven’t already, they likely will soon. 

Join Jennifer Long on September 24, 2019 at 12 PM CST to find out how far these legislative trends have spread and tips for updating your policies and practices. Topics will include:

  •  Predictive scheduling laws
  • Overview of salary history ban
  • Various penalties for noncompliance
  • Tips for updating your policies and practices

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Employee Scheduling

Take the Complexities Out of Staff Scheduling Online

Eliminate the time, effort, guesswork and inconsistencies of a manual employee scheduling system. Employee scheduling can be tricky at the best of times, but especially when you’re juggling multiple work sites, shifts and job assignments.

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Our uniquely flexible time and attendance system—complete with employee scheduling software—helps you provide optimal labor resources at every single one of your job sites. Our employee scheduling system can make it easier than ever to schedule shifts for workforces of all sizes. Utilize our online employee scheduler and you’ll find managing your workforce to be easier than ever before.

Workforce Management Features

Easy Workforce Scheduling with the Best Online Employee Scheduling System

You need to ensure posts are filled by the right people—matching workers, hours and skills or credentials to various tasks—without going over your labor budget.

However, this doesn’t have to be such a headache. EPAY’s staff scheduling software streamlines the employee scheduling process, helping you ensure the right people are on the job—while keeping your labor costs down. With the best online employee scheduling software, you’ll find workforce management easier than ever! Our employee schedule system will make managing your workforce simpler in addition to the rest of our time and attendance tracking solutions.


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If you want to make employee scheduling as simple as possible, turn to EPAY Systems. Our employee schedule system will help you efficiently schedule your employees for shifts, while making it easy to make changes to schedules on the fly. You won’t need to settle for a staff scheduling system that doesn’t give you the results you want when you can utilize all of the features in our state-of-the-art time and attendance platform.

Learn more about the specific features of this software below, which will make staff scheduling online a breeze. Using the employee scheduling features in our time and attendance software, you’ll be able to keep employee scheduling consistently simple and efficient, allowing you to direct focus on other more important areas of business.


Quickly build schedules and copy or extend to future weeks, with or without specific staff assignments.

Automatically split schedules for employees who work multiple tasks or shifts.

Get alerted when a proposed schedule will result in overtime so you can make revisions to schedules that limit overtime costs.

Match employee qualifications and job requirements to ensure properly qualified people are always where they’re needed.

Overlay actual time sheets with completed schedules to easily pinpoint attendance problems and identify how many hours an employee is scheduled for.

Post schedules online or at time clocks, and allow workers to confirm or modify hours and sign up for open shifts.

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