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What is your 30-day workforce management plan?

As you start to plan for the weeks and months ahead, we would like to help by offering a complimentary Workforce Realignment Feedback Session with our HCM Analytics team.

During this session, our HCM Analytics team will:

  • Discuss your current plans for workforce changes to manage the next 30 to 90 days and provide feedback on potential risks and opportunities
  • Identify targeted areas where you could potentially reduce your labor costs while minimizing long-term damage
  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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Tips for Recruitment Management and Workforce SuccessTalent acquisition and onboarding are costly processes. With one third of new hires leaving their jobs after only six months of employment; and the cost to replace a salaried employee averaging 6-9 months of their pay, employers have no choice but to improve their workforce planning strategies at every turn. Letting the best talent get past your search efforts or failing to empower them once they are on your team is a sure-fire way for your organization to be added to these grim statistics.

What are some recruiting management tips to help your organization succeed in the employment showground?

Find Them.

In the film, Field of Dreams, an Iowa corn farmer hears a voice telling him: "If you build it, he will come." In this case, building a baseball stadium was enough to get baseball players of yesteryear to emerge from the darkness. But you will need to do more than build a work stadium to find the best candidates for your specific job roles. You will have to develop a recruiting strategy.

Think of each of your employees as a company recruiter.

Statistics show that referred employees have a 45 percent retention rate after two years of employment. The best brand marketers for future employees are your current employees. Tap into the connections they have within their work discipline. Let them help you vet active and passive candidates based on prior experiences they’ve had with them at previous companies or professional organizations. Tap into the web of social networking contacts that each of your employees is privy to; and do this by providing financial incentives through referral bonuses.

Use analytics to determine the job market and potential candidate pool for the positions you are recruiting.

Today’s technology lets you dig deeper into the data at your disposal, allowing you to be more predictive. Focus your searches in specific geographies and proactively engage passive job seekers to build your candidate pool.

Consider the importance of both hard skills and soft skills when determining a candidate’s fit for a job.

Make sure you have the technology in place (such online recruiting and applicant tracking systems) that allow you to ask pre-screening questions and track a candidate’s skills. Your job descriptions should have soft skillsets attached to them to help focus your search on those candidates whose work styles and personalities are a fit for your organization’s culture and mission.


Motivate Them.

  • Skills development not only helps your employees do their jobs better, it makes them happy to work for you.

    Track the skills you want to cultivate and measure your workforce against these models in your human resources management system.

  • High engagement is linked to high performance.

    Engage employees by allowing them to take ownership of their results, not through micro-management. Provide performance feedback that encourages growth and efficiency by being specific and transparent.

  • Rewards and incentives tied to performance have proven to boost morale and productivity.

    Have systems in place to track specific, goal oriented incentives.

Employees who feel valued by their employer are 60% more likely to report they are motivated to do their very best for their employer, according to American Psychology Association. Applying recruitment strategies before positions are filled and during the employment life cycle pays off.

Find the Right Talent Faster

EPAY's seamlessly integrated recruiting and applicant tracking software system helps HR professionals drive performance results by hiring the right talent quickly. Our recruiting and applicant tracking solutions allow you to easily find qualified candidates and track each applicant to increase the efficiency of the hiring process. Schedule a demo today!