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time sheets compressedThe Reason Code feature is an optional setting in Blueforce that allows managers to provide a reason for any timecard change. Changing an employee’s timecard should only be done when absolutely necessary in order to maintain the integrity and accuracy of employee time and attendance records.

However, when changes are required, such as when an employee forgets to punch in or out at the end of their shift, its important to show why changes were made in order to maintain a complete audit trail. In this case, the manager would need to add the forgotten punch to calculate the duration of time that the employee worked.

Require a Reason Code for Timecard Changes

Administrators can set Blueforce to require a predefined reason code, which ensures no timecard changes are saved unless the manager specifies a reason. To set this up, simply select Manage Reason Codes under the Blueforce setup module.

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Add/Edit Reason Code

From the same module managers can easily add or edit Blueforce Reason Codes based on any common changes to timecards. Adding a Reason Code can allow employers to indicate why a timecard was altered, creating an visible trail of touches and changes which can be used to protect employers during a class action lawsuit.

The Importance of Managing Reason Codes in Blueforce

There are endless reasons an employee would have that require a change on a timecard. Luckily with Blueforce you’ll never run into a problem where you don’t have an option for a reason an employee needs to change time. Blueforce’s multitude of punch options guarantees that you’ll never have trouble provided a reason for employee time change. With Reason Codes, you can make those changes while also giving a specific reason to avoid confusion or potential conflicts following those changes.

Ultimately, you have full control over your employee timecards through the use of Blueforce and Reason Codes. This can subsequently help you manage your workforce and maintain accuracy of information in the long run. Blueforce gives you the ability to keep track of employee and manager activity giving you a wholescale insight into your workforce and its inner workings.

About Blueforce

Blueforce, EPAY Systems’ time and labor management system, meets the specific labor and compliance needs of businesses in various industries. Our cloud-based system allows users to mix and match different types of time-tracking devices based on a company’s specific needs. Blueforce includes tools to your make time, attendance, labor tracking, and management easier than ever.

Blueforce is the backbone of multiple industries and businesses, including construction, manufacturing, health care, transportation, business services, and hospitality, among others.

For more information on managing reason codes in Blueforce, contact EPAY Technical Support via email or call 312-212-8000 ext. 2.