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Human Resource Management for the Cannabis and Agriculture Industries

HR, Payroll and HCM Software for the Agriculture & Cannabis Industries

While wide-ranging, the cannabis and agriculture industries share one overarching characteristic: they employ a constantly-shifting hourly workforce that has always been hard to manage—and has recently become more so.

Whether producing cannabis, or harvesting crops, HR challenges are mounting, along with financial and operational pressures. If you’re an employer in one of these sectors, one move that can make a significant difference is to put the right HR solution in place.

EPAY Systems’ full human capital management system is designed to help manage a constantly-evolving hourly workforce like yours. It can help you track, manage, and pay your workers efficiently. Streamline operations. Cut waste in your labor costs. All while keeping your organization compliant and your people healthy and safe. And in the wake of COVID-19, that’s never been more critical.

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Cannabis Workforce Management Challenges

As a young, fast-growing market segment, the cannabis industry faces a number of unique hurdles, including:

  • Recruiting and retaining talent: Despite the financial downturn, some cannabis firms are growing so quickly, they can’t hire fast enough—while a massive 60% industry turnover rate remains a pervasive problem.
  • Onboarding new hires quickly: Like many young companies, some cannabis companies don’t yet have formal training programs—not to mention a full-time HR staff—in place to get new hires up and running as fast as they’re needed.
  • Making sure payroll is processed fast and right: Because many cannabis businesses have yet to find a bank that will work with them, many distributors and growers still operate on a cash-only basis. As you may know too well, this complicates payroll and raises the risk of errors and problems.
  • Maintaining labor compliance: The cannabis industry is so heavily regulated and monitored, employers can’t afford wage and hour violations at any level: federal, state or local. And it’s even more challenging for multi-state operators! Sound familiar?

Human Resource Management Challenges in Agriculture

Although the agriculture world is made up of very different segments, some challenges appear universal, including:

  • Ensuring workers’ health and safety: Despite many advances, agriculture remains a hazardous industry to work in. Compounding the issue: as a result of COVID-19, companies are now taking additional measures—handwashing, social distancing, training—to keep workers healthy.
  • Keeping labor costs down: Bankruptcies in agriculture were up 20% last year. Between the ongoing trade war with China, plummeting demand, and disrupted supply chains, companies are cutting costs across the board. But, how can you afford to cut labor?
  • Recruiting and screening workers: Finding enough workers was challenging enough before COVID-19. Now, between limitations for securing H-2A seasonal guest workers and the heightened risks of using unauthorized labor, the stakes are even higher.
  • Managing a broadly diverse workforce: The agriculture workforce is multicultural, multi-generational, and multilingual. You need to find a way to engage and connect with many different types of people to keep operations on track.

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HR and Workforce Management Software for the Cannabis and Agriculture Industries

EPAY Systems’ human capital management solution and workforce management software can help employers in the cannabis and agriculture industries solve their current and chronic challenges, while streamlining HR tasks and reducing administrative costs. Our HCM technology automates time-consuming HR processes and reduces non-compliance risks. Its capabilities include:

  • Recruiting and applicant tracking: gain access to social networks, leading job boards, and background checks, speeding the hiring process
  • Onboarding: customize your online onboarding experience to include new employee orientation and training videos, complete I-9 and tax filing, customized workflows, and e-signature functions
  • HR management: simplify OSHA and EEO reporting, engage workers with our self-service portal, and develop skills—and safety training—with our Learning Management System
  • Benefits administration: ease open enrollment with our online solution, while streamlining FMLA, FSA/HSA, and Workers’ Comp administration
  • Time and attendance: Make sure workers are where they should be, with a range of data collection options that include mobile time tracking, time clocks, IVR and more
  • Scheduling: Create work scheduling easily and share them online with workers for 24/7 access
  • Payroll and taxes: Simplify payroll processing and tax filing with our flexible payroll system. It easily handles garnishments, W-2s, instant gross-to-net, and GL interface.
  • Compliance: Stay compliant on ACA tracking and forms, COBRA benefits, and more


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How EPAY’s Human Capital Management Solution Helps Cannabis Companies

Unlike other major HR software providers, we welcome cannabis businesses. In fact, one of Northern California’s largest cannabis ecosystems numbers among our customers.

In short, we understand your industry’s HR landscape. We can help you meet your goals with solve your greatest challenges, with solutions that will:

In addition, we’ll help you lower admin costs, reduce labor costs, drive workforce efficiency, and increase your bottom line.

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Agricultural HR & Payroll Solutions with EPAY

Unlike many HCM systems, ours was designed to manage an hourly and often distributed workforce, and its flexibility allows you to adapt your HR processes in response to changing conditions. We can help you:

  • Keep labor costs down, by helping you tighten schedules, eliminate overtime, cut down on time theft and more
  • Ensure your workers’ health and safety, using our online learning management system to train workers on new and changing protocols
  • Recruit and screen new workers more effectively, thanks to our time-saving ATS solution
  • Engage your multi-cultural workforce. Not only is our platform multi-lingual, but it’s intuitive and easy to use, so everyone’s included.

Contact us to learn more about how our system can help you improve compliance, lower costs, drive workforce efficiency, while positioning your agriculture business to respond with more to changing markets.

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