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hcm-for-utilitiesWorkforce demographics in the utilities industry are in a state of change, as are key issues impacting workforce management. Addressing HR challenges in innovative ways with new technology can help power companies manage the impact of these changes. EPAY Systems’ human capital management solutions can help power and utility companies reduce their HR administrative burden and optimize their workforce with seamless technology that simplifies workflows.

Utilities Industry HR Challenges

It is well documented that the utilities industry is facing a workforce shortage in the near future. With aging Baby Boomers retiring at an unprecedented rate, and new skill sets needed as grid modernization and greener technologies emerge, power companies will need new strategies to deal with potential staffing shortages.

HR issues impacting the utilities industry include:

  • Delayed retirements: Many Baby Boomers have chosen to remain in the workforce for financial and other reasons, but the fact remains that these older workers will be retiring in the near future. Many of these retiring workers have skills that could take years to develop, and HR departments need strategies in place to fill the void and manage the transition.
  • Skills gap: New technical skills are needed in the utilities industry to address grid modernization and more complex systems, particularly in the areas of Smart Grid design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. However, the needed skills are becoming increasingly difficult to find with an aging workforce. As more experienced older workers retire, fewer experienced applicants are available to fill vacant positions.
  • Generational differences: The electric utility industry currently has four generations of workers, with a fifth generation soon to enter the workforce. With each new generation introduced, different expectations, interactions, and work styles impact workforce dynamics.
  • New technologies: Wind, solar, energy storage, and other new generation technologies are becoming a more important part of the utilities industry. As new technology gradually replaces old technology, new skills are in short supply and great demand, while other skills become obsolete.

Utilities Human Capital Management Systems

Our human capital management technology can positively impact power and utility company workforce management. One key feature of our seamlessly integrated HR system is recruiting and applicant tracking that:

  • Integrates with job boards and leading social networks to speed up the process of attracting new talent;
  • Allows job seekers to apply for positions directly from their social profiles;
  • Has advanced search and filter capabilities for quick identification of qualified applicants;
  • Enables video interviews to share with other managers;
  • Sends offer letters and background check requests directly from applicant profiles; and
  • Automatically converts applicant data into new hire records with the push of a button.

Workforce management issues can be challenging in the utilities industry, particularly with the current transformation of workforce demographics. EPAY’s time and labor management system can help you maintain control of every site and shift even when you’re miles away from site activity. Our system gives you complete visibility into your workforce, helping you control costs, make proactive business decisions and improve customer service. You can track employee time and attendance, including shifts and schedules, hours worked, labor spend and much more.

With our full suite of human capital management technology, you can easily recruit the talent you need, manage your workforce and every aspect of HR with a system that is flexible, streamlined, and secure. We provide outstanding customer service 24/7, free of charge.

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