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As you start to plan for the weeks and months ahead, we would like to help by offering a complimentary Workforce Realignment Feedback Session with our HCM Analytics team.

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  • Identify targeted areas where you could potentially reduce your labor costs while minimizing long-term damage
  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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compliance processHow a Time and Attendance System Can Help your Compliance Process

As previously discussed, employers can use their automated time and attendance systems to monitor wage and hour compliance. These systems can bring any deviations between mandated labor laws and employees’ day-today behaviors to the attention of the employers’ field managers.

They can do this by flagging each deviation on the system’s dashboard, and even—if it’s a time-tracking system that offers real-time alerts—by emailing or texting alerts to field managers as deviations occur in real-time.

And they can also do it by generating time and attendance analytics.

Manage All Aspects of HR CTA

Most automated time-tracking systems offer employers a broad menu of basic audit reports. These data reports can be sorted in a variety of ways: by employee, by manager, or by various components of the business hierarchy. The analytics make it easy to spot ongoing patterns of deviation.

Let’s return to our earlier example of meal breaks. By reviewing workforce analytics, managers can identify which employees are failing to take their mandated meal breaks, to take them in full, or to take them at the required time in the work day.

And then, knowing where the problems lie, managers can take action.

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