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Human Capital Management and Workforce Management for Janitorial Companies

The U.S. Janitorial Service Industry

Cleaning is one of the most commonly outsourced services for businesses all over the country, typically due to companies’ needs for standard and consistent service. With growing demand and comparatively low startup costs, the U.S. janitorial service industry has been on the rise for many years now. Along with the advantages of a growing market and low barriers to entry, janitorial companies face intense price-based competition and other challenges, not the least of which fall under the responsibility of HR departments. EPAY Systems’ human capital management solutions, including janitorial management software, help many janitorial businesses across the globe optimize their workforce, cut costs, and ease the HR burden in the janitorial industry.

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Industry HR Challenges and How Janitorial Management Software Can Help

As in any service industry, people are a janitorial company’s backbone. Hard work and a job well done are the bread and butter of the cleaning industry. By the same token, human capital management issues present significant challenges for HR departments within janitorial companies.


Realistically, cleaning is not the kind of glamorous work that draws a lot of applicants, but there are some ways to make sure you get the best applicants. Today, society draws future workers to professions that typically do not involve getting their hands dirty. In addition to recruiting obstacles is the low pay traditionally associated with cleaning jobs. Although owners and managers can make a good living in the janitorial industry, many front-line workers initially earn something close to minimum wage. Low unemployment rates in most of the country also make it difficult to attract qualified workers to these traditionally low-paying positions. Drug tests, childcare issues, and background checks may rule out some entry-level applicants. Janitorial companies also face the same challenge common to nearly every industry in the U.S. – an aging workforce. The number of workers retiring and leaving exceeds the number of new hires coming aboard. Fortunately, EPAY Systems’ recruiting and applicant tracking system can help you source and select the right candidates and hire and onboard qualified applicants faster.


Once qualified workers are hired, retaining them is the next challenge facing HR. Turnover rates in the janitorial industry average 75%, and sometimes run higher. Replacing employees is costly for companies. Therefore, it is essential that HR departments do everything possible to hire the best candidates, and keep them. The key to a better retention rate is to create a more attractive work environment that discourages turnover. This may include better pay and benefits that come with a cost (such as paid vacation and sick leave, and affordable medical and dental) and other methods of rewarding employees at no direct cost to the company, such as flexible scheduling and employee recognitions. EPAY Systems’ human capital management system includes employee onboarding software solutions, which make it possible to engage and quickly train new hires. With our integrated human capital management software, a janitorial company’s HR department is empowered with the technology tools that can help them hire the right people faster, get them onboarded quickly with proper training, and cut administrative costs, leaving more money in the budget to create a more attractive work environment in this highly competitive industry.

Workforce Management

Janitorial companies have employees that work in multiple locations, often without an onsite supervisor or manager present. They move from location to location and have to deal with factors that can cause difficulties when it comes to payment – overtime, union rules, travel time, meal breaks, etc.

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EPAY Systems’ robust time and attendance system was developed to handle the complexities of the janitorial industry, in addition to eliminating pay calculation errors and time theft, saving HR and payroll professionals administrative time. Our system also helps with compliance, dealing with wage and hour litigation, and tightly controlling how people are paid, figuring breaks, changing schedules and more. The system is highly configurable, allowing users to set up rules and shifts quickly and easily. And it allows for multiple time collection methods such as biometric time clocks with fingerprint recognition, telephone time tracking (integrated voice response), mobile time tracking apps, and online time tracking with a PC or tablet. For more information about our human capital management and workforce management solutions for the janitorial industry, request a demonstration today.

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