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  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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Retail Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Challenges in Retail

One of a retailer’s most critical success factors is its workforce, and managing that workforce is entrusted to HR. This responsibility has added significance in an industry where one or two negative shopping experiences will send a customer elsewhere in the future. Human resources must recruit, train, manage, and retain a loyal team, dedicated to pleasing and retaining customers. These are challenging times in retail, as in other industries, and it is vital to strategically plan, manage, and build a motivated, productive workforce.

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Key Challenges of HR in the Retail Sector

  • High employee turnover: It is common in the retail sector for employees to routinely come and go. Constantly recruiting, hiring, training, and developing a workforce can put a drain on company resources and make it difficult to build customer loyalty. To minimize this problem, it is important to recruit the right people, as well as build rapport with your employees.
  • Seasonal demands: Many retailers experience seasonal fluctuations in their business. They often add temporary staff during the holidays (from Black Friday through Christmas) and may end up with workers who lack the necessary skills for the job. This can alienate customers and create problems with permanent employees who have to pick up the slack when temporary workers fail to perform. Properly onboarding temps can help promote teamwork and increase productivity during the retail busy season.
  • Employee diversity: Although employee diversity is desirable in terms of generating better ideas and connecting better with the marketplace, demographic differences tend to impair workforce cohesiveness. The challenge of HR is to encourage a spirit of teamwork, tolerance, and collaboration to help avoid major conflicts and craft a workforce that functions as a well-oiled machine.
  • Low expectations for employment: Generally, the retail industry has a bad rep from an employee viewpoint. Workers expect low pay with minimal growth opportunities, long hours, and no benefits. The best way to build a dedicated team of well-trained, loyal employees is to prove these misconceptions false by providing competitive pay and benefits, a fast track to management positions, and higher wages for high-performing workers.

Reliable Retail Workforce Management Software

Managing the workforce can be a challenging task for many, but it can be much simpler with a comprehensive retail workforce management system. Using our workforce management software, you can keep track of nearly every aspect of your employees’ work activities, with time and attendance systems and biometric time clocks, along with phone, mobile, and online time tracking. You don’t have to worry about any aspect of your workforce going overlooked with these easy-to-use technologies.

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The workforce is not only a key factor in a retailer’s success but also its largest controllable expense. EPAY Systems offers human capital management solutions to help you cut costs and manage every aspect of HR in one seamless HCM platform.

Retail Management Software With EPAY

With EPAY’s unified human capital management technology, you create one employee record, one time, and the data flows seamlessly throughout the entire suite. From recruiting and onboarding new employees to benefits enrollment and HR management, time tracking, and payroll, every HR process is seamless.

Our human capital management system provides not only a high level of security but also the flexibility to calculate employee taxes in different states and jurisdictions and handle multiple FEINs. Our powerful time and labor management technology flexes to fit the most complex labor environments.

We provide free customer support 24/7 with our retail human capital management solutions. There are no mystery fees or surprises. You pay one fixed rate per employee per month. Call us or complete our online form to request a demonstration of our workforce management software and human capital management solutions.

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