Employee Scheduling Software

employee scheduling software

Get Advanced Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling can be tricky at the best of times, but especially when you’re juggling multiple worksites, multiple shifts, and mobile employees.

Well, good news: EPAY’s employee scheduling software will ease the complexity of scheduling your distributed workforce, and it’s included in our BlueforceTM time and and attendance system. It can help you:

  • Eliminate the time, effort, guesswork, and inconsistencies of manual employee scheduling.
  • Provide optimal labor resources at every site, matching workers, hours, and skills or credentials to the tasks that need to be done.
  • Stay within your labor budget. (It actually tabulates the labor cost of proposed schedules!)
  • Ensure posts are filled by properly credentialed workers.
  • Reduce overstaffing and overtime, which will result in reduced labor costs.
  • Avoid understaffing, which will boost productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce compliance risk. (Our system automatically applies labor laws and union rules and alerts you of potential conflicts.)

Employee Scheduling Program Highlights

  • OT Finder – This powerful savings tool alerts you when a proposed schedule will result in overtime, so you can make revisions that limit OT costs.
  • Budget Calculation – While you’re creating an employee schedule, you can continually calculate the resulting labor costs, allowing you to schedule cost effectively and stay within budget.
  • Employee Qualifications Match – Do credentials matter in your industry? Our scheduling program lets you match employee qualifications and job requirements, ensuring properly qualified people are always where they’re needed.
  • Web-based Schedule Posting – Instead of printing schedules, you can post current and upcoming schedules online and on our time clocks.
  • Employee Scheduling in Advance – Establish and post schedules in advance, allowing workers to confirm or modify their hours and sign up for open shifts, etc.
  • Attendance Tracking – This feature allows you to overlay actual time sheets with completed schedules, easily pinpointing attendance problems.
  • Auto Splitting – If your employees work multiple tasks or shift, you’ll appreciate this time-saving feature.
  • Schedule Copying – Save time: build a schedule once, and if it’s successful, you can copy it to future weeks, either with or without specific staff assignments.
  • View Filters – You have the flexibility to view assigned schedules by employee, task, site, station, shift, and more, giving you greater insight into proposed schedules.

Employee SchedulingWHY EPAY?

If you manage a distributed workforce, you already know that conventional time and attendance systems are not a good match for you. They require you to conform to a rigid framework, one designed for less-complex labor environments.   It’s like jamming a square peg in a round hole. It. Doesn’t. Fit.

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