Meet EPAY Systems


EPAY Systems is a growing SaaS provider of workforce management solutions. In a nutshell, we help companies efficiently manage their workforce, reduce labor costs and minimize compliance risks.

We’re proud to offer the leading cloud based time and attendance system for employers with a distributed workforce.


We entered the market in 2001 with the express mission of providing a smarter, more flexible and affordable alternative to legacy workforce management systems that have previously failed to adequately serve complex labor environments.

Today, we are the leading cloud based time and attendance provider serving employers with a distributed workforce. 

Uniquely Flexible

Our cloud based time and attendance system is uniquely flexible, and so is our business philosophy. Unlike less agile providers, we can easily adapt to meet the needs of our customers.

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EPAY Systems Cloud Based Time and Attendance

Not Your Typical Provider

When it makes sense to do so, we’re happy to disrupt the status quo. We’ve ditched prohibitive start-up fees and developed technologies that accelerate the implementation process light years beyond industry standards!


Distributed Labor Environments

EPAY Systems tracks time and attendance for employees located across more than 75,000 sites in North America and beyond.

Our cutting edge time tracking solutions—including patented biometric time clocks and our native mobile time tracking app with GPS—can be found in diverse locations ranging from Target and Walmart stores…to construction sites…to transportation hubs…to the pockets of truck drivers…to the bedsides of home health care patients.

Our customers range from large, multinational organizations to mid-size employers. What unites them is their desire for a ‘simple’ workforce management system that meets their highly complex needs, while delivering a significant ROI.

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EPAY Systems Cloud Based Time and Attendance

Serving Customers with Enthusiasm and Passion

We define success not only in terms of our growth, but through our customers’ satisfaction. When we designed our time and attendance system, we structured it around the specific needs of those who would become our customers. Today, we continue to evolve our system in response to our customers’ insights and needs.

We are proud of our retention, and the fact that our very first customer remains a current customer today. Needless to say, we would love to count your company among this valued group. So, how we can help you? 

“We connect with our customers on a personal level, balancing our technical expertise with compassion. That’s why we’ve maintained a 99% revenue retention rate over the last several years.”

—Frank Ruffolo, CEO, EPAY Systems