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Instant Insight with Self Service Custom Reporting

Our BlueforceTM system collects invaluable data regarding your employees’ time and attendance performance, and our built in custom reporting capabilities give you immediate access to this treasure trove of data.

Self-service custom reports give you easy access to your information your way. Run reports at will and send them as needed in a moment. Don’t wait for someone else to design a report for your needs. View data on your terms and change as needed. Additionally, you’ll find dozens of standard reports to choose from, many which have been developed in response to specific customers’ needs.

And because you can filter your data by various criteria–by date, by job site, even by individual employee–you can view your workforce from multiple perspectives.

Use Our Custom Reporting to…

  • Assess/enhance productivity – It’s challenging to oversee multiple job sites, projects, and/or shifts. Our reports allow you to see which segments are well-managed and where there’s a need for improvement. Some customers actually use reports as management training tools.
  • Prepare for audits – Audits aren’t nearly as stressful when you know that detailed information has not only been collected but is easily available in a variety of formats.
  • Provide lawsuit protection – Wage and hour lawsuits are on the rise, and many of these involve the improper calculation of overtime. Because Blueforce ensures that hours are accurately reported to payroll, you’re less likely to run into trouble. But if you do, our reports can provide crucial documentation.
  • Prepare performance reviews – We make spotting and tracking attendance problems a snap. Because our labor analytics are integrated with our scheduling program, you can overlay time sheets and schedules to pinpoint inconsistencies.
  • Invoice more accurately – Client billing is much easier when you have detailed time and attendance data right at your fingertips. And since our reports are integrated with our labor budgeting program, you can use them to support your invoices.
  • Close new accounts – Some of our customers show sample reports to their prospects when bidding on new accounts, impressing them with their attention to detail.
  • Custom reports – Easily report on your data your way. Report on your employee data, meal and break compliance, rates, by site and timesheets as you like, on your schedule. Add and delete parameters to make your reports suit your individual needs.
  • Send your custom reporting – in Excel or Word, HTML or PDF and graph or chart information as you or your client need to see it. It’s easy to choose any time you run a report how you want it shared. Make it easy on yourself with custom reports.

time and attendanceWHY EPAY?

If you manage a distributed workforce, you already know that conventional time and attendance systems are not a good match for you. They require you to conform to a rigid framework, one designed for less-complex labor environments.   It’s like jamming a square peg in a round hole. It. Doesn’t. Fit.

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