Telephone Time Tracking


Blueforce Fonen Telephone Time Tracking Turns Telephones into Time Clocks

At some work sites, time clocks aren’t feasible, and PCs aren’t available. In those situations, Blueforce Fonen–our telephone time tracking system–offers a simple, effective solution.

In a nutshell, your phones serve as your time clocks, and employees clock in and out from any landline or cell phone. It’s ideal for managing small groups of workers at multiple sites and for tracking those who move between sites.

How Telephone Time Tracking Works
Employees clock in and out by calling a toll-free number and tapping a few keys. Using Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology, Fonen collects live, detailed timecard data and sends it to our web-based time-tracking system, where managers can access it 24/7.

It’s Easy to Use
Fonen is very easy to use. Interactive voice prompts guide workers through the process and confirm when employees have punched in or out successfully.

Fonen is also easy to set-up and deploy. Like every aspect of EPAY’s time and attendance program, we do everything for you!

Blueforce Fonen is Multi Lingual
Thanks to the remarkable flexibility of BlueforceTM, we can easily accommodate a multi-lingual workforce. Our system already “speaks” several languages, and we can quickly add any and every other language you need.

This sets us apart from other, more rigid, time and attendance programs. So if you have a multi-lingual workforce, be sure to ask us about this.

And of course, Blueforce Fonen may be used in conjunction with all our other time-tracking devices and methods. No time clock? No Internet? No problem.

Blueforce Fonen is your solution for telephone time tracking

Blueforce Fonen


If you manage a distributed workforce, you already know that conventional time and attendance systems are not a good match for you. They require you to conform to a rigid framework, one designed for less-complex labor environments.   It’s like jamming a square peg in a round hole. It. Doesn’t. Fit.

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