Building Service Contractors

Building Service Contractors

Time and Labor Management Solutions for Building Service Contractors and Property Managers

Conventional time and attendance systems don’t work for business service contractors, whether a cleaning service or property management firm. Multiple locations, mobile workers, multiple shifts, union rules…yours is a complex labor environment, and traditional programs are too rigid to juggle all the variables.

We know a great deal about your business needs, because EPAY’s BlueforceTM system was originally designed for you. Our flexible program adapts to fit any distributed workforce, while helping you:

Cut Costs – Your world is more competitive than ever. With Blueforce, you can expect to reduce labor costs by 5% or more, so you can bid more competitively and still boost profits.

Stay in Compliance – Our system factors in labor laws and union rules and flags potential conflicts, so you can nip compliance issues in the bud.

Stay in Control – Blueforce does more than manage time and attendance. Its valuable workforce management tools–like labor budgeting and scheduling software–can help run your business more efficiently.

Highlights for You

  • Time-tracking devices for any environment – Your employees could be working virtually anywhere, and we have time-tracking solutions to match. When our biometric time clocks aren’t an option, employees can punch in via telephone, computer, or cellphone.
  • Mobile employees We even offer a mobile time-tracking app with GPS verification for workers on the move.
  • Real-time alerts – Worried about going over budget? Not having enough workers on site? Our real-time alerts, delivered by text or email, allow managers to respond ASAP.
  • No buddy punching – Time theft is a real problem in your industry, but our biometric time clocks make it virtually impossible.
  • We’re multi-lingual – Our system is multi-lingual, and we can easily add any language you need.
  • Allocate labor costs – With Blueforce, you can easily allocate labor expenses to specific cost centers and locations. You can print out reports as backup to your billings. And Blueforce integrates with your payroll and accounting systems, which simplifies payroll and invoice preparation.
  • Bid more accurately – Blueforce allows you to tally actual labor costs for given jobs, a goldmine of information that will allow you to refine your bidding process.
  • Get an edge – Want to wow your prospects? Include some sample reports with your proposals, and you’ll stand out from the competition.
  • No IT support needed – Blueforce can be implemented easily across all sites without technical expertise on your end.

“The comprehensive auditing capabilities of our time and attendance management system will allow us to dramatically improve the organization’s compliance-related exposure. In addition, the system’s robust suite of reporting tools has given us the ability to tightly manage our significant labor spending across our multitude of job classifications.”

Richard Kindorf
Senior Vice President

Learn more about EPAY’s solution for Building Service Contractors.  Watch a quick video from the ISSA Innovation Awards.