Time and Labor Management for Staffing Companies

You’re in the business of pleasing clients, and your employees’ performance holds the key. But it’s tricky to manage a workforce that’s spread over multiple locations and varied business environments.

Our flexible program can track a widely distributed workforce where conventional programs can’t. As a result, your staff will be prompt and professional, you’ll be able to manage more effectively, and your clients will be happy. In addition, our program will help you:

Cut Costs – The staffing industry is more competitive than ever. With Blueforce, you can expect to reduce labor costs by 5% or more, so you can bid more competitively and still boost profits.

Stay in Compliance – Our system factors in labor laws and union rules and flags potential conflicts, so you can nip compliance issues in the bud.

Stay in Control – Blueforce does more than manage time and attendance. Its valuable workforce management tools–like labor budgeting and scheduling software–can help run your business more efficiently.

 Highlights for You

  • Time-tracking devices for any environment – Your employees could be working virtually anywhere, and we have time-tracking solutions to match. When our biometric time clocks aren’t an option, employees can punch in via telephone, computer, or cellphone.
  • Mobile employees We even offer a mobile time-tracking app with GPS verification for workers on the move.
  • Real-time alerts – You can’t afford tardy or absent employees. Our real-time alerts, delivered by text or email, keep managers abreast of no-shows, so you can fill any gaps ASAP.
  • Employee qualifications matchOur scheduling program lets you match employee qualifications to job requirements, ensuring properly qualified workers are where they’re needed.
  • Changing head counts? No problem!  – With EPAY, you pay only for active employees each month, so costs are always scaled to your current, active workforce.
  • Allocate labor costs – With Blueforce, you can easily allocate labor expenses to specific cost centers and locations. You can print out reports as backup to your billings. And Blueforce integrates with your payroll and accounting systems, which simplifies payroll and invoice preparation.
  • Bid more accurately – Blueforce allows you to tally actual labor costs for given jobs, a goldmine of information that will allow you to refine your bidding process.
  • Get an edge – Want to wow your clients? Share our real-time labor reports, and give them transparency into your services. Include sample reports with sales proposals, and you’ll stand out from your competitors, too.