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  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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time tracking features for the staffing industryThe staffing industry has proved to be one of the most difficult workforces to track through run-of-the-mill time and attendance solutions. Staffing employers struggle with tight squeezes on their gross margins, 'no-shows' and the constant ebb and flow of tracking a contingent workforce. These needs require a time and attendance solution that can:

  • Reduce labor costs by tracking time to the minute
  • Send notifications when employees don't show
  • Offer a flexible pricing system

There are a number of time and attendance systems to choose from, each with various features and specs, and it’s a lot to digest. So, based on conversations with members of the staffing industry, we've summarized the features that matter most to these employers.


Top 5 Time Tracking Features for the Staffing Industry  

1. Real-time alerts – The best time-tracking systems not only register punches in real time, but issue real-time alerts when someone deviates from the schedule. So if someone fails to clock in, or clocks in from outside approved GPS coordinates (yes, you can set ranges), your managers instantly get a text or email alert. You can set these alerts including a 'minimum employee alert' when there are not enough employees are at a certain job site, and a 'critical employee alert' so a message can be sent if an essential employee has not clocked in at a site.This nips time and attendance problems in the bud and helps keep customer service levels high. You are able to manage client retention and satisfaction by fixing a problem before your customers notice.

2. Budget and Billing Reporting- A time and attendance system that has a strong budgeting and billing reporting feature can offer invaluable real-time visibility to labor costs and budgeted dollars. This will allow management to provide closer job cost estimates for your company and for the customer. Further, you can make changes as necessary to effectively manage costs before it is too late.

3. Messaging- A system that is equipped with a messaging component that can be read by employees clocking in and out can be a great resource for getting in touch with employees. Messages can be used to improve the efficiency of the onboarding process for employees that may need to be alerted about something pertaining to a certain job site. Customer needs can also be communicated to the employees clocking in and out so the process is smoother.

4. Onboarding at the Clock- In a high turnover industry like Staffing, employee onboarding needs to be as efficient as possible. The ability to use a time and attendance system for onboarding employees on the site, rather than the corporate office, can save you time and money.

5. Affordable Care Act Support – The ACA is here, and tracking employee time is key to meeting employer mandates. Your time and attendance system can either be a huge asset or a huge liability. Make sure whatever time-tracking provider you choose already has ACA safeguards and tools in place.

How Does EPAY Mobile Time-Tracking Stack Up?

We specialize in time and attendance solutions for the distributed workforce, and offer various time collection methods that can satisfy any Staffing industry needs.

We're equipped with multiple real-time alerts as well as messaging capabilities to help you manage your business better.  Our budgeting and billing reporting features will help keep budgets in check. We’re known for our quick implementation and streamlined integration  processes as well. Finally, we partnered with Seyfarth Shaw LLP, the top U.S. labor law firm, to ensure our ACA toolkit  will provide employers with the best possible way to manage  Affordable Care Act requirements.

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