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What is your 30-day workforce management plan?

As you start to plan for the weeks and months ahead, we would like to help by offering a complimentary Workforce Realignment Feedback Session with our HCM Analytics team.

During this session, our HCM Analytics team will:

  • Discuss your current plans for workforce changes to manage the next 30 to 90 days and provide feedback on potential risks and opportunities
  • Identify targeted areas where you could potentially reduce your labor costs while minimizing long-term damage
  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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Product Updates

We have a lot of exciting product updates in store for the rest of the year, and we’re excited to share them with you. Please check back here regularly to stay up to date on the latest products and features!

We continue to enhance our time and labor management system, and we’re excited to make you aware of the latest features that are available to you. Please reach out to your Account Manager for any questions regarding these new features.

Workforce Performance Indicator Dashboard and Reports

If you manage an hourly, distributed workforce, you undoubtedly worry:

  • Why are our overtime costs so high?
  • Why does it take so long to do payroll?
  • Are our field managers really handling time sheets correctly?
  • Why do some worksites run better than others?

You don’t need to guess any longer, or try cobbling data together yourself. With EPAY’s innovative Workforce Performance Reports and Dashboard, you’ll gain true visibility into workforce time and labor activity, so you can make improvements where needed.

Actionable Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Each time your people interact with EPAY’s time and labor system, it collects valuable information about their activities. We “crunch” this raw data to reveal key findings, then make them available to you via the online reports and dashboard. It allows you to find and fix operational problems, which in turn will:

  • Shorten your payroll administration time
  • Reduce your labor costs
  • Minimize your compliance risk
  • Protect your profit margins

A Unique Workforce Analytics Tool

Some time and labor systems can produce data reports for employers—and we do this, too. But no one else offers anything like our Workforce Performance Reports and Dashboard. This powerful business intelligence tool was designed to help you dive deep into the analytics and bring to the surface the actionable insights. It’s already saving many of our client’s time and money, and it can do the same for you.

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