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landscaper's guide One thing we’ve learned about landscaping companies: most of them never thought they’d find a time and attendance system that fits their uniquely mobile workforce. If they use any system, it’s usually old-school timesheets, which they already know are far from perfect.

So when landscaping employers first hear about mobile time-tracking apps with GPS, most are eager to learn how they work.

In a nutshell, mobile time-tracking apps work by turning smartphones into little virtual time clocks. Workers log on and ‘punch in’ with a few keystrokes, and later, ‘punch out’ the same way. The mobile time tracking system captures the time, date, and the device’s GPS location at the time of the punch. Because the mobile tracking system is digital, there’s none of the the rounding, time theft, and manual errors that plague paper timesheets.

It’s a great solution for landscaping firms with mobile, scattered work crews. And since many of their workers—and certainly, their foremen—already own smartphones, employers don’t need to buy anything except for the mobile time-tracking system itself.

However, there are a number of time and attendance systems to choose from, each with various features and specs, and it’s a lot to digest. So, based on conversations with our landscaping clients and prospects, we’ve summarized the features that matter most to these employers.

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Top 5 Mobile Time-Tracking Features for Landscapers  

1. Pay-as-you-go pricing – Chances are, your headcounts rise and fall with each season. If you choose to pay a fixed monthly fee, you’ll be paying for more than you need during off-seasons. For the best value, look for time and attendance systems that charge on a ‘per head per month’ basis.

2. Real-time alerts – The best mobile time-tracking systems not only register punches in real time, but issue real-time alerts when someone deviates from the schedule. So if someone fails to clock in, or clocks in from outside approved GPS coordinates (yes, you can set ranges), your managers instantly get a text or email alert. This nips time and attendance problems in the bud and helps keep customer service levels high.

3. Easy to use and implement – A time and attendance system should make life easier, not harder. Look for a system that’s easy for workers to use (ask to see how employees punch in/out, and note how many steps are involved). Find out how long implementation takes and what’s required of you. In addition, make sure the mobile time-tracking system will integrate smoothly with your payroll system, and that your vendor will handle it for you.

4. A “group punch” option – Do your employees always work in crews? If so, you might prefer to have them punch in and out as a crew, rather than individually. With the group punch option on the mobile time tracking system, your foreman handles punch-in duties for the whole crew.

5. Affordable Care Act support – The ACA is coming, and tracking employee time will be key to meeting employer mandates. Your time and attendance system will either be a huge asset or a huge liability here. Make sure whatever time-tracking provider you choose already has ACA safeguards and tools in place.

How Does EPAY's Mobile Time-Tracking Stack Up?

We specialize in time and attendance solutions for the distributed workforce, and our Mobile PunchTM  system meets all the criteria landscaping businesses want most.

It’s pay-as-you-go, so our fees always stay in sync with your cash flow. And we offer real-time alerts  to help you manage your business better. It’s easy to use, and we do offer group punch options  for work crews. We’re known for our quick implementation and streamlined integration  processes. Finally, we partnered with Seyfarth Shaw LLP, the top U.S. labor law firm, to ensure our ACA toolkit  will give employers the best help possible in managing Affordable Care Act requirements.

Learn more about EPAY’s mobile time-tracking solution for landscapers. Contact us.

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