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  • Suggest key metrics for you to track so you can forecast labor costs better and make earlier interventions

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Introducing the WalTer T16: EPAY's New Biometric Time Clock with Facial Recognition

WalTer T16 Biometric Time Clock with Face Recognition

New Features and Faster Processing Help You Curb Time Theft and Optimize Your Workforce Operations

The brand new WalTer T16 biometric time clock with facial recognition dramatically improves the most important aspects of the WalTer time clock experience. This includes:

  • A brand new IntelliPunch feature
  • Face recognition biometrics (available winter 2017)
  • Improved processing speed, overall performance and user workflows


Our WalTer T16 biometric time clock introduces the new “IntelliPunch” feature, which facilitates a quicker, more accurate clock in and out process for your employees. This feature essentially anticipates the punch type of an employee. The punch type is determined by when an employee accesses the time clock. The time clock then displays the expected punch action on the screen for a quicker and more intuitive user experience.

IntelliPunch helps ensure an accurate punch is logged each time an employee punches in and out, reducing the amount of punch exceptions managers have to fix. For example, if an employee is accessing the timeclock for the first time that day, then a screen that displays Clock-in is the first screen that greets the employee. If an employee has already punched into work and needs to punch out for lunch, then a Start Lunch screen greets the employee the next time they access the time clock.

Face Recognition Time Clock Biometrics (available Winter 2017)

Our T16 facial recognition time clock will soon offer cutting edge face recognition biometrics. With some of the most advanced biometrics on the market, your company can eliminate buddy punching once and for all by ensuring the right employee is physically present when they clock in and out for work. This increased accuracy can save your business a significant amount of labor dollars, with some companies reporting a savings of anywhere from 1.5-10% of their gross payroll.

With the new biometric face recognition feature, companies can not only reduce time theft, but they can also provide another authentication access point for their employees if fingerprint recognition is not enough. Using it in conjunction with the WalTer T16 fingerprint reader provides a great alternative for employees who have warped, warn, or difficulty with fingerprints.

Like all biometrics solutions, face recognition technology measures and matches a person’s unique facial characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication. Utilizing an upgraded HD camera, the new face recognition feature in WalTer T16 face recognition time clocks can detect faces in images, quantify their features, and then match them against stored templates in the database.

WalTer Biometric Time Clock Performance Improvements

Performance improvements on the new WalTer T16 biometric time clock include:

  • Larger, high resolution touch screen
  • Next generation processor (Intel Celeron N3160, 1.6 GHZ)
  • Expanded RAM (2 GB)
  • Expanded hard disk drive (SSD 32 GB with SATA)
  • Next generation Microsoft Operating System (Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, 64 bit)
  • Updated Intel Ethernet LAN controller (1 Gigabit)
  • Chipset for GPRS Cellular Modem with SIM Card
  • Upgraded camera (HD 2 MP)

Get More Information About Our Face Recognition Time Clock System

Contact us today for more information about the new WalTer T16 facial recognition time clock! We can provide more information about our face detection time and attendance system, and work with you to provide the best available solution for your business.