Webinar | Key Legislative Updates for the Hourly Workforce | Tuesday, September 24th | 12 PM CST

Has predictive scheduling legislation reached your workforce? How about salary history bans? If they haven’t already, they likely will soon. 

Join Jennifer Long on September 24, 2019 at 12 PM CST to find out how far these legislative trends have spread and tips for updating your policies and practices. Topics will include:

  •  Predictive scheduling laws
  • Overview of salary history ban
  • Various penalties for noncompliance
  • Tips for updating your policies and practices

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Human Capital Management and Workforce Management for Call Centers

HR Departments Play an Important Role in Call Centers

HR departments play an important role in call centers, an industry with many unique workforce management challenges. Call centers are among the most stressful work environments for employees. Strict work schedules, irate customers, high expectations from management, and limited opportunities for advancement are some of the issues that make human capital management more difficult for call centers than in many other industries. Fortunately, EPAY Systems’ human capital management solutions can help call centers cut administrative costs and increase workforce productivity.

Learn How EPAY HCM Can Ease Your HR Burden


HR Challenges in Call Centers

Call centers exist to provide customer service, and the quality of the service depends on the workforce. Workforce management challenges in call centers include:

  • Recruitment and retention: Call centers have a reputation as a difficult place to work, which makes recruiting and retaining qualified employees a challenge. Millennials—the new generation entering the workforce—have a preference for flexibility, which can be lacking in the call center environment. The high turnover rate in call centers reduces quality of service and increases costs, as recruiting, hiring, and training new staff comes with a high price tag.
  • Absenteeism: The average rate of employee absence in call centers is 11%, a percentage that can significantly impact quality of service. With fewer agents on the job, workers are taking more calls under more time pressure, which can negatively impact quality of service and lower employee morale.
  • Diminishing budgets: With mandatory cost cutting, call center managers are often expected to maintain service levels with reduced budgets. This non-optimum situation puts pressure on managers and workers alike and contributes to staff attrition.
  • Limited career prospects: Most call centers are essentially flat structures with limited opportunities for worker advancement. This puts companies at risk for losing their best people. Talented workers that stay on may be less motivated and produce less in a work environment that doesn’t offer forward progress in a career.


Human Capital Management Systems for Call Centers

EPAY Systems provides call center workforce management software as well as a full suite of human capital management technology that can help HR departments deal successfully with HR issues. In one seamlessly integrated platform, our secure and flexible system features:

  • Recruiting and applicant tracking
  • Employee onboarding
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Payroll and tax management
  • Benefits administration
  • HR management
  • ACA compliance
  • Performance management


Workforce Management

How is our workforce management system uniquely equipped for call centers? We can configure our workforce management software to suit your needs. With real-time visibility, you can track worker time and attendance, control costs, and make management decisions on the spot to improve customer service. Our software allows you to control every shift—even if you are in a different location—with features such as employee scheduling, flexible pay rules, wage and hour compliance, mobile time tracking, ACA reports and more.

Our technology also includes an applicant tracking system, which integrates with leading social networks and job boards, to help you attract and engage qualified applicants more quickly. Job seekers can submit applications for open positions directly from their own social profiles.

Contact us to learn more about how our human capital management software can help you build and optimize your call center workforce.


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