Solutions for Distributed Labor Environments

It’s 10 a.m. Do you know where your employees are?

When you manage a distributed workforce, that’s not such an easy question to answer.

For example, if you’re in the construction or building services industries, your workforce is spread over multiple worksites. If you’re a distributor, your employees are on the move. And if you’re in the energy business, chances are your employees are in remote settings.

Seasonal labor? Controlling your costs can be tough when your labor force is constantly changing.

The bottom line is, a distributed workforce is harder to track and manage, and conventional time and attendance systems aren’t up to the job. But we are.

BlueforceTM is specifically designed for the distributed workforce, and its flexible architecture can easily manage related labor complexities, too, including:

  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple job assignments
  • Multiple job types
  • Mobile employees
  • Shift differentials
  • Labor laws
  • Union rules
  • All of the above!

In addition, Blueforce offers a host of workforce management solutions to help you control your business and budget, including:

  • Real-time alerts – No matter where your employees are, you can know when someone’s AWOL or headed for OT, with real-time text and email alerts.
  • Employee messaging – Improve communications, by delivering messages via time clock when workers punch in or out.
  • Labor budgeting software – Manage your labor dollars by site, client, and task with this value-added program, a customer favorite.
  • Employee scheduling software – This value-added program saves time, while helping you allocate optimal labor resources.
  • Analytics and reports – Get instant transparency into your business with our menu of built-in reports.
  • Employee self-service system – Workers can access data such as timesheets and PTO balances right from Blueforce…handy for them and for you.
  • Money-saving tools – Cut printing costs with our electronic pay stubs, paperless pay cards , and more.

Finally, with EPAY, you only pay for active employees on a monthly basis.