Time and Labor Management Solutions for Manufacturers

Way back when, manufacturers were among the early adopters of the first generations of time clocks. But today’s manufacturers need a whole lot more than a machine that punches timecards.

You need a time and attendance system that mirrors your complex labor environment of multiple shifts and union rules, creates efficiency, and saves you money. EPAY’s flexible BlueforceTM system does just that. It can help you:

Cut Costs – Your world is more competitive than ever. With Blueforce, you can expect to reduce labor costs by 5% or more, so you can bid more competitively and still boost profits.

Stay in Compliance – Our system factors in labor laws and union rules, as well as industry-specific regulations. It flags potential conflicts, so you can nip compliance issues in the bud.

Stay in Control – Blueforce does more than manage time and attendance. Its valuable workforce management tools–like labor budgeting and scheduling software–can help run your business more efficiently.

Highlights for You

  • Rugged time clocks – Our biometric WalTerTM time clocks are built to withstand rugged conditions and rough treatment on the factory floor. When our biometric time clocks aren’t an option, employees can punch in via telephone, computer, or cellphone.
  • Real-time alerts – Worried about going over budget? Not having enough workers on site? Our real-time alerts, delivered by text or email, allow managers to respond ASAP.
  • No buddy punching – Time theft is a real problem in your industry, but our biometric time clocks make it virtually impossible.
  • Complex pay rules – No matter how many shifts you run or how many union contracts you’re juggling, our flexible system makes it easy to keep track of it all.
  • Changing head counts? No problem!  – With EPAY, you pay only for active employees each month, so costs are always scaled to your current, active workforce.
  • Allocate labor costs – With Blueforce, you can easily allocate labor expenses to specific cost centers and locations, so you can calculate production costs more accurately.
  • Self-service kiosk – Employees can review their work schedule, pay stubs, and PTO right on our time clocks, so they don’t have to track down their manager. It’s a real time-saver (and employees love it).
  • We’re multi-lingual – Our system is multi-lingual, and we can add any language you need.
  • Play it safe – We built a unique safeguard into our punch-out process. When employees clock-out, they’re asked if they had a “safe day.” This way, you know right away if an accident’s occurred and if an iffy claim is made later, you have back-up.