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Stay in Legal Compliance (and Out of Trouble)

As an employer, your risk of a wage and hour lawsuit has never been greater. Over the last decade, federal cases have skyrocketed by 325%! But for employers with a distributed workforce, maintaining compliance is an especially tricky business.

The good news is, EPAY’s BlueforceTM time and labor management system can ‘factor in’ all applicable rules and regulations, including federal, state, and local laws, union contracts, and more. From there, our report and real-time alerts will keep you on the right path.

Audit Trails – Changing an employee’s timecard without his/her approval is a surprisingly common FLSA violation. Blueforce flags all unapproved changes, so managers can address them before they become issues. (It’s also an effective managerial training tool.)

Overtime – Calculating overtime properly is a huge litigation concern for employers. The FLSA mandates that overtime be paid for hours worked beyond 40 per week, but state regs and union contracts vary (and the law favors whatever benefits workers). Blueforce tracks work time to the minute and automatically notes when an employee reaches overtime. Better yet, it can even alert managers before an employee hits the OT threshold.

Meal Breaks – Improperly tracking or enforcing required meal breaks are another corporate Achilles’ heel. Blueforce asks employees if they’ve taken their proper meal breaks, advises you of deviations, and can even generate real-time alerts when a meal break is missed.

Pay Differentials – When a single employee is paid varying hourly rates, depending on shift or task, it can create headaches for your payroll staff. Because we ‘feed’ your pay differentials into Blueforce at the outset, it accurately calculates employee pay effortlessly.

Privacy and Security – Our time-tracking system keeps you in complete compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which protects employees’ confidential information. We can even provide you with documented proof that your employees and managers only have access to what they should.

Workplace Safety – We know on-the-job injuries are a real concern and that Workers’ Compensation claims are a very real expense. That’s why we’ve built a rather unique safeguard into our punch-out procedure. At the end of each shift, employees are asked if they had a “safe day.” The benefits are two-fold: 1) if an accident occurs, you’re instantly in the loop, and 2) if a questionable claim is made later, you have some documentation of your own.

Affordable Care Act – It may have been extended to January 2015, but it is still very real. EPAY’s time-tracking system can keep track of your employees’ hours in real-time and alert you when someone is exceeding their budgeted hours. Even better, we can help you with your reporting needs so you can stay ACA compliant.

“The comprehensive auditing capabilities of our time and attendance management system will allow us to dramatically improve the organization’s compliance-related exposure. In addition, the system’s robust suite of reporting tools has given us the ability to tightly manage our significant labor spending across our multitude of job classifications.”

Richard Kindorf
Senior Vice President

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For employers like you, compliance is especially tricky, given labor laws, union contracts, and complex pay rules. Are your compliance procedures complete and current? Here’s an easy way to find out.

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