Employee Self Service Features

employee self service

An Employee Self Service System, Too

EPAY’s time tracking system doubles as a convenient employee self service portal, where workers can access their time and attendance related records.

Employees like the easy access and convenience of the employee self service system, while managers and HR personnel appreciate the clarity it offers, as well as its time saving benefits.

Employees can access their information directly from our time clocks, or by logging onto BlueforceTM via their PCs and smartphones. Once they’re in, it is transformed into an employee self service kiosk where they can review their pay stubs, time sheets, work schedules, accrued time off, and more.

In addition to viewing their online pay stubs, workers can actually print them from our WalTerTM T6 biometric time clock, the only time clock with a built-in printing function. They can print other documents, too. This employee self service feature alone can save you thousands in pay stub printing and distribution dollars.

EPAY’s employee self service portal is one of numerous value-added features built into our time tracking system. It saves time, boosts efficiency, and keeps everyone in the loop.

EPAY can help with both employee self service and benefits for employers!

Employee Self ServiceWHY EPAY?

If you manage a distributed workforce, you already know that conventional time and attendance systems are not a good match for you. They require you to conform to a rigid framework, one designed for less-complex labor environments.   It’s like jamming a square peg in a round hole. It. Doesn’t. Fit. Discover why EPAY may be the best match for you.  Click here.