EPAY DEMONSTRATION: Time Tracking Your Way

biometric-timeclocks-main1-300x136Download the recorded webinar here .

Join us for an informative 45 minute demonstration on how to leverage time and attendance systems for better control of your workforce—not to mention reducing your labor costs and staying in check with compliance requirements.

EPAY’s Blueforce is specifically designed for the distributed workforce, and its flexible architecture can easily manage related labor complexities, too, including:

  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple job assignments
  • Multiple job types
  • Mobile employees
  • Shift differentials
  • Labor laws
  • Union rules
  • All of the above!

This 45 minute webinar will provide a brief demonstration of EPAY’s automated time keeping solution. We’ll discuss how you can:

  •  Minimize payroll workload and errors; prevent buddy punching.
  • Reduce overtime pay, alerting you in real time before workers hit OT.
  • Keeps customers happy. If a worker is tardy, it sends real time alerts to your cellphone, so you can get another employee onsite ASAP.
  • Keep you in compliance by tracking labor laws and union contract rules.
  • Eliminate paycheck printing and distribution costs. You can print paystubs and attendance reports directly from our biometric clock.
  • Use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to track time with GPS locations.

Download the recorded webinar here .

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