Cut Your Labor Costs


We Cut Costs in Ways Other Time-Tracking Systems Don’t

We get it: you need to find ways to cut labor costs, without impacting service. EPAY’s time and attendance system does just that. Our clients typically realize a savings of 5% or more.

So how will we reduce your costs? Let us count the ways.

Slash Payroll Costs

When you automate time-tracking, you save time and money. You free up your staff for other tasks, while eliminating errors. And manual errors are probably costing you 1-8% of gross payroll, according to the American Payroll Association.

Reduce Lawsuits and Claims

Our BlueforceTM system keeps you compliant with FSLA laws and union rules, which can save you a small fortune in settlements and legal fees. (Ask how we deter nuisance Workers’ Compensation claims in ways other systems don’t.)

End Time Theft and Overpayments

Chances are, your workers’ late arrivals, long lunches, and early departures are costing you 1-4 hours in wages…per employee, per week! Our system puts a quick end to that. And our WalTerTM biometric time clocks render ‘buddy punching’–clocking in and out for a pal–obsolete.
Bye-Bye, Overtime

Blueforce is one of the few time and attendance systems that displays timesheets in real time, giving you instant transparency into your business. You can access work hours, budgets, and schedules ‘live,’, fixing problems before they occur. We’ll even proactively text your managers before employees cross into overtime.
Avoid Implementation Fees

We handle your rollout A-Z, across every site, for no extra cost. (Believe it or not, some companies make you hire a consultant just to implement their system!) No training costs, either; Blueforce is easy to use, and free 24/7/365 support is a phone call away.

Shred Your Printing Costs

Imagine how much you could save by not printing paycheck stubs, timesheets, and even paychecks. Employees can print pay stubs right from our WalTerTM biometric clocks, reducing costs by 50% or more. Because reports reside on our cloud-based system, you never need to print them. And our reloadable Insight Visa® payroll cards cost much less than printed paychecks (and employees love them).
Be Free of Fees

Don’t like tricky contracts? Upfront licensing fees? Ongoing upgrade and maintenance fees?  Neither do we. With EPAY, you pay straightforward monthly subscription fees based on your active employees. Start-up costs are low, and so is your overall cost of ownership!

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Workforce Management Returns $7.88 for Every Dollar Spent

The Nucleus Research report–which identifies the most meaningful WFM applications–will be especially useful to you. For example, you’ll learn that:

  • If you’re looking for a quick reduction in labor costs, automating timesheets is an obvious win. Find out why.
  • On average, companies overpay employees by 1.2% due to time-tracking errors and misapplication of pay rules alone. (Do the math: how much is it costing you?)
  • Leading WFM vendors now offer mobile applications, which are particularly beneficial to employers with a mobile, distributed workforce. Sound familiar?

Plus, find daily and weekly checklists your managers can start using right now for greater control.