Mobile Time Tracking with GPS

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Blueforce Mobile Time Tracking with GPS

Timekeeping is especially challenging when you’re managing a mobile workforce. Enter Blueforce Mobile Punch™, our mobile time tracking system. It’s quick and easy to use, but hard to abuse, thanks to integrated GPS.

Blueforce Mobile Punch is a native-developed application that quickly transforms any iPhone®, Android® smartphone, iPad®, or tablet into a portable, handheld time clock.

It’s Easy to Use

When your workers are onsite, they have better things to do than spend time figuring out how to punch in and punch out.

That’s why we made mobile time tracking a quick, three-step process. And because users receive instant confirmation when their punch is registered, there’s no confusion. And help is always one click away.

Hard to Outsmart: Mobile Time Tracking with GPS Verification

Blueforce Mobile Punch doesn’t just capture the date and time, but actual GPS location, so you know everyone is where they should be. Punches made outside the authorized worksite are flagged for your review.

What if GPS or cell service goes down? Then the punch is captured and sent to our web-based system as soon as it’s back in business. Not all mobile time tracking apps have backup plans in place!

It Adapts to Fit Your Workforce

One advantage of Blueforce Mobile Punch is that you can set it up for your workforce. For example:

  • You can configure it for use by single employees, work crews, and/or managers.
  • Managers can classify workers by location, task, or work ticket for ease.
  • There’s even a speedy, one-click, group clock in/clock out feature for time-pressed managers.

And of course, Blueforce Mobile Punch mobile time tracking integrates beautifully with all our other time tracking devices, so you can use them together, covering every member of your hard-to-track workforce.

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