Better Control, Happier Customers


Improved Control –> Better Service –> Happier Customers!

When you keep your customers happy, you keep your customers, period. But when you’re managing a distributed workforce, it’s tricky to maintain control of every site and shift. Our BlueforceTM time and attendance system puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can elevate the level of service you provide.

Real-time Transparency into Your Business
Our system operates in real time–there’s no lag, as with some other time and attendance programs–allowing you to manage pro-actively. Log into the manager’s dashboard and view real-time timesheets, ensuring everyone is where they should be. You can update job schedules, oversee budgets, and literally manage your workforce to the minute.

You can also provide detailed reports to customers–by site, department, or project–to keep them in the loop.

Instant Alerts, Right to Your Cell Phone or PC
If a worker is tardy or fails to show up as scheduled, of course you need to know asap. Blueforce can text and email real-time alerts to your managers, so they can get a replacement out there, stat.

You can set a number of different alert triggers: when someone fails to punch in on time, when there isn’t a minimum number of workers on a given site, or even when an employee is about to hit overtime. Solve the problem before it comes to your client’s attention!

Better Communication with Employees
Imagine the convenience of delivering written messages to your employees when they punch in and out for work. Our WalTerTM biometric time clocks can do just that, to individuals (“Happy Birthday!”), select employees (“Please clean up a spill on the fourth floor”), or the entire workforce (“Gear up for the site inspection on Thursday.”) There’s no limit to what you can do.

In addition, our time clocks double as employee self-service portals when PCs and kiosks aren’t available. Employees can review their timesheets, schedules, accrued time off, and more. They can even print their paystubs right from our WalTer T6, which can save you printing and distribution dollars. And since happy workers are productive workers, everybody wins.

“Getting notifications from the system in real time enables us to proactively address a situation before it becomes a customer satisfaction issue. Not only are we able to meet our customer commitments and maintain the profitability on a job, but we’re able to better communicate with our customers on issues arising real-time.”

Melissa Kirkman
Vice President of Administration

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