Reducing Labor Cost


Serving Customers…or Herding Cats?

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For employers in today’s tough business climate, every minute, dollar, and detail counts. Your workers’ performance drives client satisfaction, yet it’s hard to manage a distributed workforce.

So, how are your field managers spending their valuable time? Are they overseeing your employees’ performance, or counting noses and wrestling with paperwork? Do you have the right tools and processes in place, or are there areas where you can do better?

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Keeping Customers Happy and Labor Costs Down:

Best Practices for Operations

What else will you learn?

In this report, you’ll see what operations experts say. For example:

  • Manual timecards are inaccurate and arduous. Learn what you need in a digital system.
  • When it comes to bidding on future jobs, your current payroll data is a goldmine of information. Find out how, and how often, to analyze it.
  • Overtime costs bite into your margins, but there’s an easy way to nip them in the bud.

Plus, find daily and weekly checklists your managers can start using right now for greater control.

Who are we to offer you this? We’re EPAY Systems, and we specialize in web-based time and labor management solutions for complex work environments like yours.