Maximizing Your ROI


What If You Could Get a 788% ROI?

. . . And Improve the Way You Manage Your Workforce

If you have a distributed workforce, you face unique managerial challenges. How do you ensure employees are where they need to be? Reduce your labor costs, so you can increase revenues and bid more competitively? Maintain compliance with labor laws and union contracts?

By simply updating your workforce management (WFM) applications, you can do just that, while reaping a hefty 788% ROI. According to a recent report by Nucleus Research–the leading provider of quantitative technology research for employers–that’s the average result.

That’s why we think The Nucleus Research report–which identifies the most meaningful WFM applications–will be especially useful to you. For example, you’ll learn that:

  • If you’re looking for a quick reduction in labor costs, automating timesheets is an obvious win. Find out why.
  • On average, companies overpay employees by 1.2% due to time-tracking errors and misapplication of pay rules alone. (Do the math: how much is it costing you?)
  • Leading WFM vendors now offer mobile applications, which are particularly beneficial to employers with a mobile, distributed workforce. Sound familiar?

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